Why Should Ghanaians Be Paying For Services They Don't Need - Government Official Asare Donkoh Fumes.

 Why Should Ghanaians Be Paying For Services They Don't Need - Government Official Asare Donkoh Fumes.

An interesting, and I ought to say nicely written, article with the aid of using Dr Frankie Asare-Donkoh withinside the November eleven difficulty of The Daily Graphic below the above caption stuck my attention. The article became in reference to the rebirth of the proposed “obligatory towing levy”. The levy, GH¢5 - GH¢10 yearly for maximum saloon motors, is supposed to create a country wide pool to finance the towage of immobilised motors from our u . s .’s roads. 

Dr Asare-Donkoh’s opinion seems nicely-intentioned however misses the factor on numerous grounds. I will try and shed mild at the views he misses and with any luck increase the verbal exchange on whether or not the so-known as obligatory towing levy serves us nicely.

On by no means wanting the “carrier”

Dr Asare-Donkoh and plenty of different Ghanaians could by no means have their motors wreck down. So what's the “carrier” to such Ghanaians? Why have to they care approximately different immobilised motors at the roads?

Allow me to don't forget a as a substitute painful memory, an incident that stole one in all our celebrities in his very prime. Kwame Owusu-Ansah, nicknamed the African Child, became killed while his automobile bumped into an immobilised truck at the Accra-Tema motorway. Now bet what, it became now no longer the motive force or proprietor of the immobilised truck who were given killed. It became one whose automobile could by no means wreck down.

So what's the “carrier”? Would the individual whose automobile by no means breaks down advantage from the “carrier”? I am satisfied that the GH¢5 - GH¢10 yearly consistent with saloon automobile isn't always in order that each automobile proprietor could advantage from towage in their automobile. 

Rather, it's so that we will all force on secure roads understanding that we might now no longer run into immobilised motors and get killed. “In Ghana, I actually have stumble upon all styles of motors deserted on roads, a few even withinside the center of the street for days, with many inflicting deadly accidents”, Dr Frankie Asare-Donkoh notes.

So could Dr Asare-Donkoh by no means want the carrier?

References to the United Kingdom and different countries

Dr Asare-Donkoh indicates that we don't forget the United Kingdom technique to restoration the trouble of immobilised motors on our roads. In the United Kingdom, automobile proprietors voluntarily purchase Roadside Assistance that offers them towing carrier amongst different benefits. In the absence of that, pay as you operate or enforcement towing comes at a excessive price.

There are as a minimum 3 troubles to choose aside with this concept.

The commercial enterprise case

The UK has 491 vehicles consistent with one thousand population and a sixty seven million populace. Ghana has approximately eighty five motors consistent with one thousand population and a populace of 31 million. The UK’s profits consistent with capita is £29,147 whilst that of Ghana is below £3,900. It is more expensive to installation a towing corporation in Ghana than withinside the UK attributable to the relatively better price of capital and duties, different matters being equal. 

The handiest monetary version exhibits that an funding in a well prepared towing corporation wishes to price better subscriptions/expenses in Ghana than withinside the UK to pay returned over a similar period. The lowest subscription for towing carrier withinside the UK is £6. If we move the manner advised with the aid of using Dr Asare-Donkoh, a Ghanaian automobile proprietor could want to fork out at least 620ghs month-to-month to yield a similar go back to an funding withinside the UK. It is a non-starter to start uploading the United Kingdom technique to Ghana with out doing right analysis.

If we agree on nicely-prepared towing gadget in each district and at vantage factors on important highways to hold the roads clean and secure in any respect times, we might want to think about a sustainable financing arrangement. As I actually have explained, our numbers do now no longer guide the United Kingdom technique.

The false impression of the United Kingdom situation

No one withinside the UK voluntarily is going out to shop for towing subscriptions withinside the way advised with the aid of using Dr Asare-Donkoh. Vehicle proprietors withinside the UK purchase Roadside Assistance. Roadside help offers you get admission to to mechanics and different emergency offerings while your automobile performs up. 

For example, in case your automobile fails to start, you can get a dispatch group to provide you a brief restoration. This makes experience due to the fact a mechanic name on a pay-as-you-name foundation could price you a first rate fee. Unlike Ghana, no taxi driving force could be inclined to jumpstart your automobile for you and there can be no mechanic on the nook of your avenue that will help you if you get a breakdown.

The Ghanaian automobile proprietor has a choice. In Ghana, you have “becoming shops” on each nook and there are taxi drivers who will jumpstart your automobile for you. Even better, we have ‘wonsi mpia’ right here that you do now no longer get withinside the UK. The adoption fee for voluntary roadside help could be predictably low to make any commercial enterprise experience for any investor.

As they say, a banana and a watermelon are each culmination however very different.

The ability of the Ghana Police Service

Aside from the unsustainable commercial enterprise case, Dr Asare-Donkoh’s advised technique imposes enforcement burdens at the Ghana Police Service. There isn't anyt any gainsaying that our Police Service does now no longer have the ability currently and withinside the foreseeable destiny to implement the concept of towing immobilised motors throughout the u . s . and enforcing fines. Ghana has police to citizen ratio of approximately 1:1200, a long way quick of the UN benchmark of 1:220. The carrier nonetheless falls quick of its useful resource necessities to combat crime throughout the u . s .. We want to be clean on what we need in handling the danger of immobilised motors deserted at the roads to kill citizens.

The social safety case

Immobilised motors and the danger they pose to street customers is high-quality regarded from a social safety lens. The item is the safety of human lives: the lives of folks that themselves won't even personal motors. It is much like the requirement for each automobile consumer to reap 0.33 celebration legal responsibility insurance. The 0.33-celebration legal responsibility pool guarantees the reimbursement of injured persons.


Often, populist arguments win. The first creation of the country wide towing proposition met deadly populism. It could be remarkable to research what number of lives Ghana has misplaced via immobilised motors and limitations due to the fact then. That may assist us technique the present day dialogue differently.

As I actually have explained, voluntary towing preparations do now no longer assure social protection which underpins the proposed country wide towing pool. The numbers can not persuade any personal investor to danger the loads of hundreds of thousands required to position right gadget throughout the duration and breadth of the u . s . and the related operational costs.

Would I pay 5-10ghs yearly to assure that I could now no longer get killed with the aid of using using into an immobilised automobile or a few different obstacle? Absolutely!


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