What You Probably Don't Know About The 2022 Ghana's Budget - Financial Minister

What You Probably Don't Know About The 2022 Ghana's Budget - Financial Minister

I got here throughout a information object the alternative day and allowed myself a instead wan smile pregnant with memories.

Apparently, the Minister for Finance and Economic Planning, Mr Ken Ofori-Atta, changed into scheduled to give the authorities’s 2022 price range statement (nicely called ‘The 2022 Budget and Economic Policy’) yesterday, however this has been rescheduled to tomorrow.


In phrases of information visibility, this rarely precipitated a blip of anticipation at the radar. After all, all of us understand the script.

Uncle Ken will flip up at the day in Parliament in his white clothing, like a knight in shining armour, stand on his toes for God is aware of how lengthy and supply an extended speech peppered with biblical quotations in his gentle voice, to whoops of pride from the authorities facet and boos from the competition benches.

Each facet will then christen the price range consistent with their partisan political function, projecting it as both the quality component that has befell to Ghanaians, or a pandemic that has been visited upon the humans.

The media will lap all of it up with interviews and evaluation stretching from Half Axim to Jerusalem and social media will explode with posturing evaluations, pseudo-economics and ‘akpeteshie bar’ evaluation with the aid of using humans who, like me, have subsequent to 0 economics or finance background.

A few days later, the excitement will die down, we can all regulate or renounce ourselves to regardless of the price range has in save for us and the solar will nonetheless upward push withinside the east and set withinside the west, because it has been doing for the reason that sunrise of time.

Revolution price range

It has now no longer constantly been like this in our loved u . s . a .. There changed into a time whilst an declaration that there has been going to be a price range studying actually were given the entire u . s . a . sitting on edge.

This changed into withinside the 1980s, in the course of the innovative generation of the past due Papa Jerry Rawlings, Head of State, Chairman of the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) and emperor of all that he surveyed withinside the u . s . a ..

A price range studying intended one positive component – an growth withinside the charge of gasoline, which in flip intended an growth in the whole lot from trotro fares, via the charge of a bar of key cleaning soap all of the manner to a tuber of yam and beyond.

A trick a few buyers followed changed into to hedge; whilst price range changed into imminent, they hoard their items after which coins in at the providence whilst the price range predictably multiplied gasoline charges and the whole lot else shot via the roof.

The lengthy-serving Finance Minister, Dr Kwesi Botchway, who served withinside the function from 1982 to 1995, sincerely did strike worry withinside the nation’s coronary heart whilst he seemed on TV together along with his piercing eyes, a grin and speckled socialist beard to supply the price range.

The entire u . s . a . could be quiet, anticipating its destiny, like a person whose demise sentence has been sealed and who has been tied to the stakes, hood in area and anticipating the sound of gunfire to position him out of his depressing existence.

There changed into no Parliament lower back then, so there had been no competition participants to heckle him, and he went approximately his enterprise in peace.

This changed into now no longer to mention there has been no grumbling lower back withinside the day, however mainly withinside the early, heated years of the revolution you stored your ‘against’ evaluations to your self, without a social media to vent your frustrations and vituperations. After which you certainly resigned your self for your destiny and went on together along with your life.

Who born dog?

Of path the kingdom media could cross into complete gear, lapping all of it up and dispensing the reward like confetti, and that changed into it.

I changed into too younger to apprehend the nitty-gritty of Uncle Kwesi’s price range readings, however the simplicity of the aftermath changed into quite trustworthy to me.


How can one communicate approximately the price range and the economic system lower back withinside the day with out speaking approximately the diverse measures the authorities installed area to try and include the aftermath of our jogging to the IMF and World Bank withinside the mid-80s after the authorities realised that the fiery socialist rhetoric of the sooner years of the revolution did now no longer and couldn't stability the books?

There changed into the Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP), which got here in  phases (I and II).

Then got here my favourite, which I did now no longer apprehend, however which acronym I certainly changed into in love with – PAMSCAD, which interprets as Programme of Action to Mitigate the Social Cost of Adjustment, with a tag of $85million.

PAMSCAD and SAP I and II observed the release in 1983 of the Economic Recovery Programme (ERP I and II). The authorities changed into massive on jargons, and I cherished them despite the fact that they intended little to me.

Budget 2022

Tomorrow, whilst the Finance Minister turns up in Parliament and takes his area in his white clothing and together along with his trademark gentle, saintly demeanour, I will be seated withinside the snug couch in my office, looking him stay on TV.

I like how Uncle Ken starts offevolved actually each sentence with ‘Mr Speaker’, and I am positive a person could be retaining count.

Most of his technical language will byskip over my head, for I am no economics or finance guru, and too many figures make me instead dizzy.

But that isn't the point.

I will experience the predictable theatrics withinside the residence from each facets that provide coloration to the entire affair. I do now no longer assume them to take a seat down nonetheless and be quiet like nuns in a convent.

The waving of mini-placards, the cheering, the banging of desks and the hissing are all this type of departure from the drab presentation on black and white TV lower back withinside the innovative days.

I can are expecting that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament (MPs) will put on black with pink headbands or wristbands to suggest they're mourning for Ghanaians, whilst the New Patriotic Party (NPP) MPs will put on white and wave white handkerchiefs.

As to how every facet withinside the House will christen the price range, I am retaining my guesses to myself. I consider every facet to provide you with some thing creative. They in no way disappoint.


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