Tips: How To Become A Blogger In Five

Tips: How To Become A Blogger In Five Minutes Blogging now a days has become one of the expensive work in the world. A lot of people has engage in this activities to help him earn a living. when we say blogging, is the act of gathering vital information from corners and uploading it for viewers as a first hand information of issues and other stuff. Blogging particular is a bulky task and needs much time all because one has to spend his or her time to explore information for it viewers. Becoming a blogger is very easy and less expensive depending on the type of blogger you want to be. there are different categories of blogging as a work. We have video bloggers,article blogger and voice blogger. Video bloggers are the those who engage on using visuals on their channel to spread information World wide. example is the YouTube bloggers. And the article bloggers are those of written platforms. they used written words to spread information to people, sometimes in addition to what they post, they add visuals to it to enlighten their readers on certain points. Today am going to teach peoples how to become a blogger In five minutes. First,If you want to be a blogger you need to think of the type of blogger you want to be. But today our main ideas will be emphasized on article blogging. To become an article blogger,You need a well design website with pages and categories . ( Create one at www.blogger.com ) 2.You need to know the type of article to feed your listeners 3. Android phone with a strong battery. 4. You must be online at least 14hours a day 5. And you must love research on other pages to get updates Thanks for reading this article. Thanks
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