Listen To Songs On Android Apk And Earn $100 Within 24 Within Hours.

Listen To Songs On Android Apk And Earn $100 Within 24 Within Hours.

Streaming Of songs has become so popular in the world. Most people's stream music online without getting nothing from it. Its sometimes disappointed once those things happen and peoples has been wondering how to get paid staying on for 24hours whiles streaming online.

Today I will be teaching how to get dollars online for streaming free radio songs and music on your Android application. The most trending app that I will paying much attention on is "CURRENT" Apk. Current is an Android application which includes songs which peoples can stream and earn points. The earning point can later be converted to Dollars where you can transfer to your account whether Bank transfer or PayPal.

To Get current Apk. First log on to GOOGLE PLAYSTORE and search for Current Apk which will come a C(sign) (Blue Black Colour).click to download and wait for installation. After installation open the "current" application and register with your Gmail. Then you are ready to earn point for money. Choose any categories and begin to earn more.

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